Steam name change - is that possible?

Steam name change – is that possible?

Players who like to play video games on the computer or on the Mac, coming barely past the gaming platform Steam by Valve. In the Steam download all sorts of games can buy online, but also developers can publish their games there. In addition, the platform offers a large community in which it can be submerged at any time in forums, groups, and in an instant messenger. Initially, the player must choose an account name. Many players are wondering after a certain time, whether Change Steam name to let.

Steam Change Name Here it is not so easy

The account that is created when you first log into Steam, enables the player can access his individual games. This name can not be changed unfortunately in hindsight. However, there are the so-called Steam profile name that can easily and at any time. This guide explains how to change the Steamname.
Change Steam name

The System of Steam

In order for the game platform can be installed, must be installed on the user’s system either Windows, Mac OS X or Ubuntu. Valve, the manufacturer, each recommends the latest versions, such as Windows Vista, 7 or 8 and Mac OS 10.6.3. The hardware should be taken to ensure that that is played on Steam every game, other conditions required. Therefore, some games require a high-end computer, others have been coming to terms with an older PC. In addition, enough free space on the hard drive should be available.

Thus, the profile name can be changed

The Steam profile name that can be changed, for example, displayed in the friends list or in profile.

  1. Step: First Steam must be started.
  2. Step: In the menu bar Steam is selected, then clicked the settings option.
  3. Step: In the menu item friends can be entered in the top field of the new profile name. This name can be changed at any time.
    Change Steam Friends name