Of the cFos Outlook DAV Download assist in the synchronization of registered in MS Outlook appointments with a freely selectable CalDAV server as an Outlook add-in and works with Google Calendar service, the open source server Davical and the hotel's own web server cFos Personal Net together. Until 31 October 2016 enlargement, which builds on the open CalDAV Calendar API, released for free use. For the following years, the manufacturer has announced that the add-on fee-based shareware is.

Appointments and contacts to synchronize with cFos Outlook DAV Download

The Outlook Add-in provides a cloud-synchronization of Outlook calendars, tasks and contacts will go according to the manufacturer easily with MS Outlook 2010 to 2016 deal and reliably integrates with Microsoft's popular e-mail program. With cFos Outlook DAV Download the user can connect a calendar folder fairly straightforward with a CalDAV / CardDAV server in the cloud.

cFos Outlook DAV Download

Time interval for synchronization with cFos Outlook DAV fixable

To set up a synchronization with cFos Outlook DAV, the user MS Outlook starts and creates a new Calendar folder. He then selects a right click on the folder, select "Sync with CalDAV", Now the folder can be over after a repeat right-click "Config CalDAV Sync" configure as you wish. After creating the folder, it is necessary to restart Outlook will display a setup dialog. Here enter the URL of the CalDAV calendar server and username and password. In addition, a time interval for the synchronization can be established. Then, represents another Outlook restart.

Tasks and contacts can adjust also

The synchronization of tasks and contacts works just like Outlook appointments, so by right-clicking on the task, or contacts folders. Here can be the same URL, user name and password to use as the dates. Google Calendar, the URL is "https://www.google.com/calendar/dav/ihre_google_kalender_id/events", Instead of "ihre_google_kalender_id" the user takes his Google e-mail address for the primary calendar. On the manufacturer side is a detailed guide to setting up the Google calendar.

cFos Outlook DAV Download Google Calendar

Cooperation with DAViCal calendar and contacts

A contact synchronization with Google is also possible. Here we use the URL "https://www.googleapis.com/carddav/v1/principals/ihr_google_benutzername/lists/default/", As the user name and characteristics of users Word uses the information he used for other Google services. For cooperation with DAViCal calendar, the URL is as follows: "http: //ihr_davical_server/caldav.php/ihr_davical_account/calendar"In DAViCal contacts: "http: //ihr_davical_server/caldav.php/ihr_davical_account/addresses",

cFos Outlook DAV assumes the mutual synchronization

cFos Outlook DAV tried after starting Outlook to match the data of the Outlook folder with the CalDAV / CardDAV server. All that has changed on the server since the last log-in is synchronized in the Outlook folders and data that has been deleted from the server, also located in the local Outlook. This synchronization is repeated at the predetermined time intervals. Those who change data in local folders, deletes or adds, it can transfer the button "Sync All" Update on the server. This should be done before Outlook is terminated. For more Office plugins users to free download our software offering.

Limitations of cFos Outlook DAV

Available free of charge until 10.31.2016