With the YouTube Data Viewer Download Amnesty International has released a web tool with which fake videos and can thus reveal even fake news to some degree.

uncover false information with the YouTube Data Viewer Download

"Fake News" - constantly you hear it these days, this term. Entirely false news or those that are peppered with a pinch false "facts" can, thanks to social media, but also due to various - spread rapidly in the network and in the minds of not questioning people sensational news pages - partly misunderstood.

YouTube Data Viewer DownloadThe YouTube Data Viewer Download is an easy-to-use web app by Amnesty International, which helps you to unmask fake videos. (Image: Screenshot Amnesty International)

In contrast, several Internet companies, including Google and Facebook go to now. Among other things, there are groups to check messages on their veracity. But the normal Internet user wants to call in, among others, in Google's "Project Owl".

They repeatedly appealed to the people: questioned and are checked - do not believe everything that is served to you. Amnesty International, the organization that strongly for human rights - and right information is a human right - uses, works out to disclose false content. The YouTube Data Viewer download they go as an important step and provide the user with a useful tool at hand.

Insert URL and check yourself

Strictly speaking, there is no real download, but a web app. You can the tool so easily accessible from the deposited right at our link.

Have you now doubt the authenticity of a YouTube video, you simply copy the URL - either on the address bar in the browser or on the parts function and inserts it into the input box in the web app.

Once your on Go clicks, spits you the tool all metadata publicly available one. First of all this is the video description as well as the YouTube ID, the upload date and time, and video thumbnails.

YouTube Data Viewer download metadataYou get to check the video URL metadata and thumbnails with link backward search. (Image: Screenshot Editor / Amnesty International)

As I now discover Fake videos?

The date you are naturally shed. Tested this with other possible sources and you can perhaps even get an idea about whether the time frame fits at all you.

But most of all the thumbnails can be useful. Often, the creator of such video build namely intentionally false frames, which are registered as thumbnails and displayed to guide the audience before clicking astray. Fits a thumbnail so not to rest, that's a pretty clear sign.

The thumbnails can also be used to reverse image search. You can see here under on the YouTube Data Viewer download itself: Beside each thumbnail is a link to Reverse image search. Just click and you gain links to other pages where the video can be found. These are dubious sites including, it is important to be careful. Or perhaps a recording surfaced long before the reported video message? Then it is not quite sure about on-site recordings.

For example, in a video report on a plane crash - with live recordings. The reverse search of images that spits out the Data Viewer, but refers to photographs that are already three years old, and come from another disaster. The video you present one most likely under the category of "Fake News".

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