To use the e-book portal and the associated app is a Wattpad Login necessary. If the strike times, the gate remains closed to the world of books! read here how to open it again!

famous and aspiring authors and bookworms are brought together on Wattpad. The platform allows its members, by downloading the Wattpad app on the move its read or write passion to indulge. A prerequisite for use of both starting points - one has to register with the portal.

Wattpad LoginSolutions if the Wattpad Login does not work

Wattpad login: Gateway to the digital library

Wattpad is on its platform a huge selection of books of various genres available - and for free. All that the user needs to do to be able to browse it is registered with. The registration can be done via the website and the app. The user only needs to provide a user name, an email address and a password - finished. Alternatively, you can also log in using his Facebook profile.

Register Login WattpadRegistration with Wattpad is a prerequisite

What to do if login fails?

Power of Wattpad login problems, there are several ways to fix it. We provide solutions before both the app and the web version.

Problems logging in the Wattpad app

First, it should be noted that the app had initially still struggling with small teething. The developers of Wattpad have already eliminated the bugs. You should first check therefore whether you have the latest version of the app on his smartphone. If not, an update can perhaps fix the error at login. Otherwise, these solutions help:

  • First, you should include times and reopen and repeat the login process, the app easily.
  • Has not helped the user to time off for a moment the WLAN. If when turning the error still exists, perhaps another network fixes the bug. If that does not work, you go to the next point.
  • you get no more past the Wattpad login, helps in circumstances which app to uninstall and then completely reinstall. To uninstall the user navigates through the settings and apps on Wattpad.

Wattpad Login WebsiteLogin to the website

Log in via the website

To determine whether it is up to the app or your own account, you should even try to log on the Web site. Is not it possible to hang the problems with the account. In this case, it makes sense to contact the support of Wattpad.

but there can be login problems that always only visit the Wattpad portal, so do not have the app with users. Who feels addressed should test these approaches:

  • Browser close just once and reopen Wattpad.
  • Cache and / or browser cookies empty.
  • One should use a different browser to compare times.