Free Driver Scout checks the entire system for outdated device drivers. the free Driver software is then started download and update all Windows drivers set to automatically. In addition, all current system can be secured Driver and restore and even download different versions to migrate to a different operating system.

Prepare Free Driver Scout Download System Drivers

The free software update driver brings a modern and clear user interface, which actually opens up immediately from the first start. On the home screen all the necessary switches and information is neatly arranged. Which action whatever you want to run before Driver Download the status quo must first be tested. This is done by clicking the driver scan and may take some time depending on the processing power and the number of installed components. If the initial scan once completed, individual components can be at the point of scan to exclude excluded by check from further examination. That's about useful when a new driver is known to cause problems. To prevent this kind of problem has the Free Driver Scout Download incidentally also an option to drive back up and restore, for more info on this below. Who does not want to waste your time with the manual version of the software can incidentally also set up an automatic scan for updated drivers. This is also done from the home screen and is possible in the daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Free Driver Scout Download

Update Driver: After scanning

After the driver has scouts explored the system, a list of deprecated System Driver appears. Per info button to details of the date of the installed and latest existing version can be interrogated. Optionally, users can now get by clicking on Update all components in one go on the date, or select individually which drivers need updating.

update Free Driver Scout Download Drivers

Then the Driver Download will start for all selected items, a preview of the data set of all downloaded files is not available. It's so beware popular for users of mobile connections, here come quickly once a few hundred MB together. After the data transfer, the driver setup is automatically initiated. Here at one or other installation times a keypress is needed by test the update at 20 drivers, however, was inaccurate once the case.

secure drivers and restore

Before you put hand to the Windows system driver, advisable in any case, the application of a Driver backups. Free Driver Scout was doing in the test although his work without hesitation and without error, but here applies the premise "Caution is the mother of the driver box", The backup is done easily and quickly. The button backup and restore the backup to start, then you decide whether individual components or everything is backed up. This is as far as ever quite good, but here the free Driver Booster provides the ability to secure only the non-supplied Windows components. This saves space in doubt. Create After selecting and clicking on backup sets Free Driver Scout to the fuse. The recovery is also done through the program interface. Here one selected in a clear list restore components, whereby groups of devices are selectable. Beautiful solved!

secure Free Driver Scout Download drivers and restore

Prepare migration with Dree Driver Scout for Windows

Is an update of the operating system before, the required system drivers can already advance of the integrated OS Migration Tool be prepared. Finally, it would be stupid to get out of the web after the update of the operating system because of a lack of LAN drivers the latest drivers not. Migration is on the small sprocket at the upper edge program -> OS migration tool to reach. Now, you select the new Windows version and Free Driver Scout automatically handles the appropriate PC driver. Which are stored in a ZIP archive in a selectable folders and used again after updating the operating system via the user interface. For this is easy to select the saved ZIP file, after a brief examination, the software provides individual components for the update is, as the above-described restoring drivers. A thoroughly well-rounded The toll-free Driver Scout download is designed beginner-friendly and scores with a friendly user interface. In the test, all actions ran perfectly, even if we have not installed separately a new operating system for the driver migration. Backing up and restoring the driver goes easy on the hand and the regular automatic scan for new drivers is just right for lazy when it comes to system maintenance. Although this is an option for automatic backup of drivers before the upgrade would be an extra cherry on top, but the two clicks are also done itself quickly if necessary. Overall rating: Recommended. Access.