Who WhatsApp reinstall must need not mourn his chats. We show how to reinstall the Messenger, thereby can recover all messages and chat history!

Before the Messenger uninstalled and the current WhatsApp for Android is being downloaded, but there are a few things to consider:

Create backup and install WhatsApp new

No changes were made in the WhatsApp settings, the Messenger every 24 hours creates a backup. The backup file is stored locally on the folder of the Android phone, and optionally can be on internal or an SD card. If you want to reinstall on the previously used smartphone WhatsApp, both variants fulfill their purpose. If you want to change a new smartphone, the backup should be stored on the SD or moved there either or you can use the Google Drive Backup.

WhatsApp reinstall

Create Google Drive Backup

To restore its data after reinstalling again, you will first open WhatsApp and calls on the menu, select Settings and chats and calls. The next step is to choose the point on Google Drive secure. Now a Google account can be removed or added. By clicking on save, the network is selected which is used for backups. It should be noted that the first backup may take some time depending on the size chat. It also recommended that due to the amount of data to perform the backup at a Wi-Fi connection.

Uninstall and install Messenger.

all data is backed up, you can install WhatsApp new. For this, the WhatsApp icon only needs to be pressed until the menu bar to open. Now simply drag the icon to the trash and the app will be uninstalled. The following are the current version of the messenger either standing on the top link or downloaded from Google Play and the installation must be confirmed. If necessary, Unknown sources must be licensed in addition to the Security Settings. Once the terms are accepted, the application with a valid mobile number takes place. WhatsApp was already installed on the device, the message chat backup appears was found. Now only the option must be selected restore and all messages are synchronized.

Restore chat history on a new smartphone.

Optionally, the restoration of the chat can be done via an exchange of the SD card (if the backup file is stored here) or on Google Drive. For the second variant, however, the same number and the same Google Account to be used as before. After verifying the phone number WhatsApp proposes automatically restore the chat history and all media about Google Drive. Here only has to be typed on Next and communication is restored from WhatsApp.