Who save Snapchat photos want a screenshot. The catch with this approach: The sender of the photo will be informed. learn how to disable the notification!

After Snapchat downloaded, received photos can be viewed only for a set period, after which they are automatically deleted. One reason why the tool is preferably used to send suggestive images. Because the sender assume that the Pics disappear after a few seconds in Nirvana. However, this need not be so:

Snapchat: store images without notification screenshot

Any reasonably intelligent person sooner or later on the funnel that the images can be saved via screenshot for eternity. However, the sender of the image receives a message from Snapchat that the photo has been saved in this way. This may in unpleasant consequences in particular on sensitive content. Best way to avoid this, the notification function can easily bypass:

Screenshot bypass notification

To save Snapchat photos, the other is informed without this, one merely has to be very fast. After creating the screenshots, the application must be directly closed by pressing the Home button twice. Here, the time window for viewing the image may not have closed. If the time expires before the application is closed, the transmitter of the image receives a message. however, one is fast enough, he should receive only the information when the image was viewed.

Snapchat: save photos from unofficial apps

A more convenient option is the use of apps that have been specially designed to undermine the Snapchat business model. So there is an alternative Snapchat client that snaps not only save, but also can refer directly to the Casper for Snapchat app download. There are also a number of extras such as filters or emoji. To use the app, but you must register with both his Snapchat account and with the Google Account. Unfortunately, the app in terms of data protection is to be classified more as a concern.

save Snapchat photosCasper can easily Snapchat store images. (Picture: Liam Cottle)

For the iPhone there is an application that can be stored Snapchats problems. With SnapBox does that as long as the messages have not yet opened. However, the developers have integrated a virtual payment system. Each storage process will cost a coin. To increase his Münzbudget, users have to watch commercials or alternatively purchase the full version for just three euros.

save Snapchat photos SnapboxWith the SnapBox Snapchat Save images (Image: SnapBox)

Note Both applications are not authorized by Snapchat and undermine the business model of the service. One reason Snapchat threatens the users of the apps listed above with blocking. The use of these tools so at your own risk!