The current FRITZ! WLAN Repeater firmware extends the Fritz! WLAN Repeater N / G, 300E, 310 and 450E additional useful features.

FRITZWLAN Repeater Firmware Download optimizes the abilities

With firmware holding one's own Fritz! WLAN Repeater up to date. From the optimization of already built-in features to increase the repeater coverage can do something about improving the underlying software. The small device can be used at any outlet and ensures fast WiFi for all devices in the home network. With the FRITZ! WLAN Repeater the performance of the wireless network is enlarged also problematic and distant points of the house. network-enabled devices over a LAN connection can be integrated without their own wireless LAN function.

FRITZWLAN Repeater Firmware Download

Repeater and the FRITZ! Box connect to a button

The operation of the wireless repeater is fairly straightforward. There is an automatic registration via the so-called WPS method. With a push of a button and Repeater FRITZ connect! Box. The FRITZ! WLAN Repeater simply takes over the Wi-Fi settings and supports secure WPA2 encryption. As alternatives, he also handles the WPA and WEP standards.

FRITZWLAN Repeater firmware fixes critical vulnerabilities

In the current firmware update WLAN interoperability with older FRITZ! Box models was (among others FRITZ! Box 7170, 7141, 7140, 7112, 7113, 7570 and 3170) also improved as the LED driver and the long-term stability of the LAN ports. The system stability and reconnection in a failed WPS were also optimized. In terms of security has the new FRITZWLAN Repeater Firmware Download some did. A critical vulnerability on an unauthorized way to access the FRITZ! WLAN Repeater has been fixed.

FRITZWLAN Repeater firmware download WPA

Easy installation FRITZWLAN Repeater firmware

The firmware is installed on the FRITZ! WLAN Repeater and controls all functions of the device. The manufacturer AVM provides free FRITZWLAN Repeater firmware downloads available that extend the features and optimize. To perform the firmware update of the FRITZ! WLAN Repeater manually, the user first loads the current FRITZ! OS file with the file extension ".image" down. He then click on the user interface of the FRITZ! WLAN Repeater System and firmware update. Now he switches to the tab firmware file, click the Browse button, select the downloaded firmware file and starts the update. This is transmitted to the repeater and installed. If the LEDs on the display stops flashing, the process is complete and the device is rebooted.

Save settings of the repeater before the firmware update

the power of the repeater must not be interrupted during the update. The manufacturer recommends to save the settings of the repeater immediately after the firmware update, at any time to restore a working configuration. save the settings option is available as a menu item under System. Other utilities and drivers from the manufacturer AVM can be found for free download in our software offering.

FRITZWLAN Repeater firmware download Compare

Firmware update as mandatory Download With the Download the firmware FRITZWLAN Repeater brings you the system software to the latest state of affairs. But the closing of the critical vulnerability makes downloading the repeater firmware required course.