Delete WhatsApp Videos is a useful measure to free up memory space on the phone. here's how it unnecessary clips off or is not even downloading!

The whole procedure can moreover Spare you look when you bring up the current download of WhatsApp for Android on the phone. Because on androids can be streamed clips and viewed with the latest version of the popular Messenger. This not only saves the complete download of videos, but also data volume and the Entmüllen the device afterwards.

Delete WhatsApp by three variants

There are three practical ways to quickly get rid of unpopular videos of Smurfs with helium voices with bad jokes or scantily clad blondes again:

1. Delete the clips directly in the chat history

The fastest way is the direct execution of the clip. For this the respective chat history must be open and that at the points at which the video was downloaded. Now open with a long tap on the clip the submenu and choose the top-right icon to the trash can. confirm the operation with deleting and already the clip is banned from the mobile phone.

Clear Whatsapp VideosIn the chat Whatsapp delete videos.

track 2 videos in folders

Who does not want to click through individual chat history to delete its stored WhatsApp video that can also directly in the folder. For this you have to open the gallery and call the video folder WhatsApp on his smartphone. Here, too, the icon must be selected with the garbage and to delete clips are ticked afterwards. Finally, confirm the operation and look forward to free space.

Clear Whatsapp Videos V2About the Gallery Whatsapp delete videos.

3. With a clean Cleaning Tool

Meanwhile, there are numerous applications and apps that help users to free their phone from the garbage. for this purpose are very general question as tools of CleanMaster designed for Android or specifically to WhatsApp apps like the Easy Cleaner For WhatsApp. Works much like a file manager and displays all stored data of the Messengers by type (profile, pictures, audio files, videos, wallpapers etc.). After selecting the appropriate folder all the clips are displayed and can be selected for deletion.

The alternative: downloading clips prevent directly

Who does not want to manually delete WhatsApp Videos, should ensure that they do not even land on the smartphone. In the settings of the service is the automatic download can namely off. To open the main menu and select the data usage option. Under Media Car Download (Mobile data connection, wireless connection and roaming) before the checkmark videos must be removed in all three options. In future videos will be saved only when you manually confirms the operation in the chat.