LOVOO: Tinder alternative without Facebook forced

LOVOO: Tinder alternative without Facebook forced

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps, however, has many limitations. People who after a Tinder alternative Search, the LOVOO app can download and swipe to dates.

Tinder alternative offers fewer restrictions

The most important elements of successful dating help from the US are the match game and login via Facebook. Users can see the images of other Flirt those willing and able to decide on their appeal. The contact should be made only after a joint appeal was detected. The Facebook login to serve as a verification method for the safety of users.

Tinder alternative

In LOVOO the application without Facebook is possible

But it is precisely these measures provide for a limitation of the user. Especially the Login via Facebook deters many users who do not want to connect to the private account on the social network you flirt profile for strangers.

In LOVOO, users can also log in with Facebook, thus facilitating the creation of their profile. But an account is possible even without a connection to the social network.

For Tinder alternative users need is an email address. Of course, and profile pictures should be set. Here users have a free hand in choosing and do not have to worry that the personal choice of friends is also shown the possible date.

Flirt radar as a match-Alternative

Even the Match algorithm is not entirely without problems. The Tinder app involves the preferences entered and the location in the search for potential partners Flirt. The candidates identified are then presented in sequence. However, the user does not know when the potential flirt in the immediate area was located. Also, take some time to get himself appears on the screen of the other and can be made to contact us. Really spontaneous meetings are not possible.

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Tinder alternative chat

With LOVOO as Tinder alternative users receive a flirt radar in real time. The app searches the adjustable radius by other users of the app. So you can see who is staying just in the vicinity.

If you have discovered with the radar an interesting person, the flirt-chat can start immediately. While yet the German Dating App and the “Hot-or-Not” game, a hit here is not a prerequisite for establishing contact. Anyone can be written.

LOVOO Credit bring additional functions

Although LOVOO is free of charge, but also extra features via Credit can be unlocked. The virtual currency can acquire both real money, as also collect on the use of the app. So you get, for example, for daily login five credits.

With the credits special kisses can be sent, unlock avatars, or your own message will be highlighted in the mailbox. Men in particular need this more often, as they perished in overcrowded mailboxes without this payment system.