Individualization for experts: a WhatsApp background for individual contacts establish. We tell you how you miss any Chat own wallpaper! Read more here and chat colored!

WhatsApp itself offers no way to set your own background image for each conversation. However, there is now a clever tool that closes this gap. But the download of WhatsApp Extensions app brings even more out of the popular Messenger.

Individual set WhatsApp background for individual contacts

The WhatsApp background for individual contacts can either be realized as uploaded or by a specific color after downloading the application. The WhatsApp Extensions app offers the complete gamut of the device with the HSV-Alpha Color Picker for Android by Martin Stone. Since the appropriate tone should be available for each contact. These can also be set individually for each contact with the Extensions app.

WhatsApp background for individual contactscan set the background for WhatsApp individual contacts with the HSV-Alpha Color Picker. (Photo: Martin Stone)

Who can find a plain background is too bland, found after the download of WhatsApp Wallpaper colorful models for his conversations.

Other features of the app extensions

But not only to set their own background WhatsApp for individual contacts, the tool can be used. There are numerous features that enable the functionality of the Messengers can be noticeably extended. A special highlight is the password protection, which can be selectively activated for the whole application or only for individual conversations. Also, can adjust the following settings and use functions after installing the extensions:

  • Chats or groups can be both mark as from the eyes of third parties to hide.
  • The advanced privacy settings allow simplified access to the display of the online state and the read receipt and even the transmission confirmation.
  • The surface can be adapted for their own use. Thus, for example, the icons for the camera, Tab or calls to hide.
  • The reminder feature notifies users after 15 or 30 minutes or for an hour or two - at least when still unread messages in chat history are.
  • The zoom function for profile images allowing detail accurate viewing lodged with WhatsApp contact pictures.
  • Chats can be easily archived via PC.

Set WhatsApp background for individual contactsThis is what the WhatsApp Extensions from your smartphone. (Picture: Surajkumar)

Requirements and installation for the WhatsApp app extensions

Now the bad news is: So great the tool is, it only works on rooted devices. Our article: Smartphone rooten with the Android Root tool that explains in detail how to proceed to and what risks are involved.

In addition, also install the Xposed Framework is necessary. The free app can be installed on any mobile device with root and offers a wide range of customization options that go far beyond the adaptation of WhatsApp.