With the WLAN Status Download the user has always all the data on the current performance of its Wi-Fi network at a glance. The free gadget for the Sidebar Windows Vista and 7 hooks up a small info window in the Windows desktop. This takes the user for the current status and performance of its wireless network.

WLAN Status Download shows the signal strength and quality of the network

This includes for example the free gadget a percentage value for signal strength, a statement on the quality of the transmission and the so-called SSID of the wireless network. This information is presented Fi status by clicking on his right-chic surface. Here once works out to another little window, which also displays the IP address of your router among others.

Access to the web interface of the hardware

In addition, the user can access by clicking on a link "Wireless router" the web interface of the hardware being used. Assuming you're having regard to the relevant access, you can meet individual settings here and can make various router settings to optimize the transmission and improve performance.

WLAN Status Download

Gadget quite undock from the sidebar

When the user clicks the right mouse button on the Windows 7Gadget, he can undock off altogether from the Sidebar and instead be placed at any position on the desktop. He can also move Fi status within the installed gadgets in the sidebar. Useful is also the possibility, under the item "opacity" adjust the transparency to their own taste. Five different options from 20 to 100 percent are here at free choice.

Gadgets are still often used, despite safety concerns

Microsoft itself has its gadgets adjusted gallery.live.com because his own words, there are significant security risks in Windows Sidebar platform under Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Yet still many users like to use the sidebar gadgets like the calendar, the CPU usage, an analog clock, a weather display, or an RSS feed. The gadgets in the sidebar have the great advantage that the user has the information always directly in view, without requiring them to be accessed separately. Many other free tools and gadgets for Windows Sidebar provides our extensive download offer. Interesting data to the wireless network The WLAN Status Download provides users of Windows 7 and Vista with a simple gadget for the sidebar which the current status of the wireless network illustrates and reveals a number of interesting data. Who wants to take a look at the power and speed of its wireless network sometimes has the small freeware utility a useful little helpers at hand.