Runes Of Magic kidnapped friends of the MMORPG genre in the fantasy world of Taborea. Here, the player is faced with more than 1,000 quests that await their fulfillment. Here is how in games of this genre usually uses, different equipment and weapons which facilitate release of the tasks. This cost sometimes real money, are to successfully coping with the tasks but not mandatory. Their absence make the freeware game Runes Of Magic just a little tricky, but what can be interpreted as more fun. Runes Of Magic embarks visually and technically quite in the footsteps of the classic World of Warcraft, but leaves the beaten track. Above all, the warrior-mage scheme beyond the free MMORPG by the combination of the different character classes to fascinating new characters. Moreover Runes Of Magic impresses with its colorful graphics and very successful effects. Especially in the application of magical weapons they are applied and produce visual splendor. The Runes Of Magic download is incidentally now completed via Gameforge Live. This gaming platform, we also offer separately for download.