Pencil is a hobby subscribers a complete creative environment at hand. With the freeware, the artist draws cartoons and awakens figures through animation to life. Familiar drawing tools such as pencil, brush and eraser miss the pictures the finishing touch. His own cartoon to create Self-expensive software. With a little talent and the freeware Pencil graphically talented magic funny cartoon characters in a short time. Even the animation accomplished the young Picasso with the program. The first step is to draw using utensils such as brush and Bleisift his character and determined in the options the characteristics such as size and visibility. As known from video editing tools, it treats the figure via a timeline movements. And action! Anyone who feels called to a new Walt Disney, gives free rein to his talent for drawing Pencil. Especially through the simple operation of the motivating factor is to be regarded as extremely high in this program. After a short time the PC cartoonist achieved pleasing results.