When AVI Media Player Download the name what it promises stops. The simple playback device plays the eponymous clips optional Video for video or playlist based on.

AVI Media Player Download: Spartan video player with playlists

Created play lists can be both save and edit or afterwards with the AVI Media Player. Thanks to an internal search function will find movie fans also in extensive collections quickly the desired clip. Is a little irritating, however, that the control buttons of the AVI player factory appear only mouse cursor over them. This feature can be disabled, however.

AVI Media Player waives any frills

AVI Media Player is proving to be a purist player for video files and omitted positive circumscribed on any frills in terms of handling, comfort, settings or user interface. For this, the video player scores at least with storable playlists and supports not only AVI movies, but also some other popular video formats.

AVI Media Player Download

The control elements are initially hidden

First, however, the film looks friend on a completely black surface. The controls are hidden in the normal state and only appear when the mouse moves. Who moves the cursor into the upper regions of the window, sees some emerging buttons and operating instruments. Click on Open, he invites a movie, plays it with play and stops it by clicking Stop. The tone can be enabled or disabled on the speaker icon and adjust a slider to the desired volume.

AVI Media Player is versatile playlist features on board

Who puts a check mark in Show all Controls, encounters playlist functions. Any video can be uploaded and set in a playlist. Individual entries in the list can be subsequently added to the list or deleted. The files can be loaded to the playlist and then save it as a text file to display it again later. The current playlist can be automatically retained by checking the box Remember Current Playlist and is the program file under the name currentlist.txt ready. With the search you can browse the list and also has extensive film lists reliably under control. That was it but also already at functions declared purists among video players. If you prefer something more comfortable when playing his movie collection, found numerous other free video player for download in our software offering.

AVI Media Player Download playlists

AVI Media Player provides only the bare minimum of features AVI Media Player Download provides the film Friend only the bare minimum of features and a surface that will shake their heads at the design lovers. Even the detailed test brought to light little positive. When loading the films thus came some error message and a drag-and-drop support has been sorely missed. The permanent advertisements are certainly also not for everyone. Therefore, the editorial staff recommendation is to use another player, such as the much easier-to-use VLC media player.