WhatsApp smileys: meaning decrypt \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

WhatsApp smileys: meaning decrypt \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

The WhatsApp Smileys Meaning sometimes lost between the transmitter and receiver. We show below a list of the most common misconceptions in the emoji. learn here more now!

The WhatsApp Smileys meaning is unclear many!

Since the introduction of chats and text messages emoticons and emoji from the correspondence can hardly imagine. With just a few symbols spontaneous reactions and more complex emotions can be displayed. The character combinations got over time more color and shape. Many Messenger and chat providers even developed specialized Emoji for their users. Who will install the popular WhatsApp for Android download, can use more than 1,500 different symbols in his chat messages.

WhatsApp Smileys MeaningWhatsApp Smileys Meaning: Constantly new emoji are added. (Picture: blog.emojipedia.org/Redaktion)

Only recently were 72 new WhatsApp Emoticons & Emojis added to the range. Between the known and popular yellow smiley faces, a plurality of balls with strange facial expressions tummelt. There are also animals, buildings and symbols that hardly anyone understands. No wonder, since many of the little pictures are used in the Asian region and are based on the widespread symbolism of the manga.

The faces of WhatsApp Smileys

Especially with yellow faces, the WhatsApp Smileys meaning changes through subtle differences. Therefore, lots of yellow balls are used incorrectly, which can sometimes lead to amusing misunderstandings.

WhatsApp Smileys importance FacesCommon misconceptions on WhatsApp smileys. (Picture: blog.emojipedia.org/Redaktion)

So the first Smiley does not spit contemptuously example from the mouth. The oddly-placed drops to represent out of the nose running snot here. What works for German once strange and disconcerting, is in Asia simply sleepiness. A symbolism that often comes with animated characters used.

The second Smiley is just tired and just realized in yawn. In this country remembers the face with narrowed eyes and gaping rather of despair and is mostly used in precisely this context.

The third Emoticon a much poorer state of mind and another WhatsApp Smileys is also assumed significance as it was intended by the creators. The hanging eyebrows and downcast mouth do not represent sadness. The yellow ball is to simply imitate a thoughtful expression.

The misunderstood woman in WhatsApp

Between the funny balls there are human characters with which one can express his feelings. Very often the importance of women is misinterpreted in a pink shirt.

WhatsApp Smileys importance wifeMisinterpretations in the importance of the woman in pink shirt. (Picture: blog.emojipedia.org/Redaktion)

The battered over the head hands are not a product of an emotional gestures, they form only one O and hot as much as “everything OK”. The crossed arms in the next picture to illustrate the opposite.

The last figure with the smile and the raised hand is often used, but pretty much every user writes a different meaning to the WhatsApp Smiley. For many, this is one of sent air kiss, especially when it is used with the combination of a kiss mouth. Other users emphasize this gesture sarcasm used or irony. All wrong: The smiling woman is in reality receptionist and exudes helpfulness.

Importance of hand images in WhatsApp chat

Nowhere is the importance WhatsApp Smileys is so greatly misunderstood as two folded palms, which pose a lights.

WhatsApp Smileys importance handsWhat is the true meaning of hand images? (Picture: blog.emojipedia.org/Redaktion)

In German Chats these hands often mean a particularly explosive High Five. Almost as often, the image is used as a symbol for prayer. In reality, the hands are a reduced representation of the Japanese bow. The meaning: deep gratitude and respect.