iTunes does not start? Problems with software from Apple can be resolved easily. learn more here and enjoy multimedia offering again! With the multimedia management program of Apple playing, managing, and shopping for music a breeze. And not only music can be managed, playback and sorting of audio books, movies and various apps becomes very easy with this program. Thanks to the iTunes for Windows download the software for devices all manufacturers is available. But as with any still so well-organized program, exposing the function is inevitable even with this software in individual cases. So you can troubleshoot the multimedia management program from Apple.

iTunes will not start - Troubleshooting

Exposing the startup of iTunes can have very different causes. Therefore, a logically structured troubleshooting is first necessary to avoid potential confounding factors and to ensure proper functioning. iTunes does not start

Troubleshooting iTunes for Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

For a suitable Troubleshooting iTunes should be Windows 7 or Windows 8 can be used in conjunction with Windows Vista. Wise, it is also to print out the instructions in advance if you want to start with the error analysis.

Proceed with troubleshooting

iTunes will not start - for troubleshooting is to proceed as follows: 1&# 46; Step: Efforts should be made to launch iTunes in Safe Mode in order to avoid any complications with plug-ins. The key combination Shift + Ctrl must be pressed during startup. 2&# 46; Step: Starts still not iTunes, was to find out if the problem exists only for a specific user. Therefore, it is advisable to create a new user account and check whether the problem still occurs. 3&# 46; Step: If the program still does not start properly, reinstall must be performed in order to correct the error. 4&# 46; Step: Then, the computer should immediately be checked for viruses or other security holes when still cause problems with the launch of the program. It could for example be present, which thus contribute to a problem at startup undiscovered viruses or not current driver on the computer.