PDF is one of the most common file formats - and produces very quickly. Find out now how to create a PDF form! A large and important advantage of the file format PDF is its platform independence. Quite apart from the original application program, the operating system or hardware platform can use the file format Portable Document Format, better known by the acronym PDF, documents shall be original. Create PDF form With the right software, it's easy to create a PDF form. The following tutorial shows how it works with the free program PDFCreator. Here you can download the latest version of the PDFCreator free. There are other software for creating PDFs. In addition to the PDFCreator Philip Chinery the software program from Adobe Systems to create PDF forms is probably one of the best known. The program of Adobe is also free and the individual steps to a create PDF form and similar to PDFCreator and many other PDF viewers.

Create PDF form - just three steps with the PDFCreator

  • 1&# 46; Download PDFCreator - Step: If not already installed, the software must first be downloaded and installed on your computer or notebook. On freeware.de you can download the free PDFCreator.
  • 2&# 46; Step - Create Document contentThe PDFCreator installs itself as a so-called virtual printer. This means that the user has to do nothing further, but, for example, with Microsoft Word to easily create the document contents to be later than PDF saved or sent, including text, images, tables.
  • 3&# 46; Select PDFCreator as the printer to be used driver - StepIs the Word document content only completed once - "ready for printing" so to speak - then there are only a few clicks to the PDF form. Because: Once installed PDF Creator automatically appears as an additional virtual printer driver in the corresponding print menu in any Windows application. To save the Word document as a PDF form, you therefore only the traditional 'printer wählen' drain must therefore go through file > To press. In the printer dialog menu can then select the PDFCreator than to use the printer driver. Then you just have to enter a filename and select a location - that's about it already.Apart from the option to create PDF forms, the PDFCreator still offers other useful options. All of these options and features convincing as well as the PDF generation function with user-friendly operation and easy implementation. So you can create with the PDFCreator example, not only from almost any application PDFs, but it also conveniently email it as needed or print. In addition, the virtual printer driver sends jobs not only in PDFs, but also in various image formats such as TIFF, JPG or PNG.