If the WhatsApp profile picture is gone, is's it!

If the WhatsApp profile picture is gone, is’s it!

WhatsApp profile picture away? There could be several reasons. learn here what it has and with the disappearance of the photos on to how to detect whether one was blocked or not!

After downloading WhatsApp for Android or iOS all phone book entries can be easily imported, which appear with a corresponding profile image in the contact list of the Messenger. However, since only a placeholder, which is not unusual in itself because not everyone has set a profile picture also appears occasionally. But what happens when there were originally times an image that is now gone?

WhatsApp profile picture awayWhatsApp profile picture away? Was perhaps even blocked ?? (Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)

WhatsApp profile picture away? Because it can be

There are several reasons why the profile picture will not be displayed:

  1. There is a technical fault: Actually WhatsApp works reliably. Should it be a problem (usually after an update), one detects a failure on the best mind that this problem affects all contacts and not only one of the pictures is gone.
  2. The contact has simply deleted his profile picture: In this case, the messenger goes back to the impersonal icon.
  3. The contact has adjusted its safety positions: WhatsApp offers in the account settings under the heading Privacy determine the way who can see their profile picture. Now, when the owner of the number, this option has been changed from any My Contacts or no one can disappear the image – for example, if you saved yourself not in the phone book as a contact.
  4. The number was blocked: Even then from now on equal the WhatsApp profile picture away. The phenomenon occurs incidentally in both directions: both if you have blocked someone, and if one was even blocked appear meaningless placeholder.

How do I know if I was blocked?

The Messenger can not clearly identify whether it was blocked by a contact or not. But if the WhatsApp profile picture is gone, there are a few things to confirm the suspicion or to rid the world.

  1. The online status is gone. So you can not see when the contact was last opened the Messenger.
  2. Sent messages only have a check mark. Once a second is displayed, you were not blocked.
  3. The contact can not call (but which may also be due to a dead zone) located.

If these three points are true at the same time be gone profile picture, the probability of blocking is very high. However, there may be other causes for these phenomena whatsoever. True security is obtained in this case only when searching or contact via another number asks directly with this person.