Users can share their Export Opera Bookmarks and-maintain in the new browser. So you have even after the browser change every favorite sites at hand.

The web browser Opera download is now one of the rarely used browsers, which still has many loyal fans who appreciate especially the browser the simple and understated style. Opera is updated regularly and still has an open source engine. Users who want to upgrade despite the advantages to another browser want to export their Opera bookmarks possibly before.

Export bookmarks with ease Opera

Users a browser - such as Opera - possibly for years used have accumulated a large number of bookmarks or bookmarks. When switching to a different browser it offers itself naturally to export the Opera bookmarks to then import into other software and can be used there.

Export Opera BookmarksFor example, you can export Opera bookmarks. (Image: Opera Software ASA)

The browser requests

Opera can be, for example, in Windows XP SP 3 (or higher), Mac OS X (10.9 or higher) or Linux (Ubuntu 4.14 or higher) installed. The manufacturer also recommends 512 MB RAM and 300 MB free hard disk space for the browser. It should be noted that plug-ins from third-party manufacturers, such as Flash or Java, make additional demands.

This allows data to be exported from Opera

There are basically not only export bookmarks, but also feeds and contacts.

  1. Step: First, the Opera browser is started by the user.
  2. Step: Then the Settings menu must be opened to further import and export file and then navigate to the menu item Import and Export.
  3. Step: It is very important here is that the bookmarks are exported as an HTML file, because all browsers can process this format and so there are no complications.
  4. Step: Next, the user has to do is choose a suitable filename and location, and then click the Save button.
  5. Step: The exported bookmarks can now easily import into another browser. For this action must be taken exactly as instructed by the new browser.