With the Ampya download is music friends the next Online music service à la Deezer and Spotify available. The Web App brings not only individual songs and entire albums but not as well-known artists to be heard, but radiates in addition a number of videos from.

Ampya Download with numerous music news and background information

Ampya, pronounced like the English word Empire, has indicated more than 20 million songs and nearly 60,000 music videos available. It is operated by ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, which has sold the streaming service Deezer on and continues the Ampya portal under the umbrella of MyVideo. The music portal offers its own music department latest music news, new album releases, background information on stars and tours as well as interviews with artists. In addition, various charts are made available.

Ampya download

Own music department is engaged at work

Since Ampya can draw on the MyVideothek in the area of ​​video, can be found there also clips in which about YouTube must fit due to the conflict with GEMA. From its competition is the music portal also highlights by its own, very dedicated music department from. This promises to provide users always with current information from the musical showbiz.

Single and album charts in several countries

Still available: More than 100,000 online radio transmitter and a shortcut to the current charts from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and the USA. The own favorite pieces is to Ampya virtual mixtapes together and of course a divide function for social networks is a must.

Ampya download charts

Ampya offers ad-funded account with no time limit

The Ampya Download allows music fans to a free account with no time limit, but with advertising and without app usage. Those who want to use the Ampya Apps and without advertising, in addition, has to buy the premium account for five or ten euros. In offline mode you can here download songs and listen without an Internet connection.

create your own mix tapes and store

Worth mentioning is the right professional music editors who are with Firsts and musical News pains. The Web App supports all major browsers and shows up in a chic, modern surface. Who is logged favorites and mix tapes may be "My music" save. Common functions such as Choice of genre channels and delivery of proposals Similar artists are also on board. The download will Ampya while ago at the request titles that fit your own listening habits.

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