With the Shame or Cash App there's the cult suspicious quiz from the TV shows of Stefan Raab "TV total" and "Beat the Star" for free download. Players can, measure their general knowledge against friends or random opponents. Who buzzert fastest is a clear advantage, because not only a good general education, but also the need for speed, if you will be placed in the high score list.

install the Shame or Cash app and test your knowledge

The app is not the least among the quiz apps with around 26 MB. After installation, players will receive a brief introduction of a eltonähnelnden cartoon character. After the tutorial can be losgequizt directly without registration. As an opponent, you can select a random player or his Facebook friends. For this you have to connect to their account, which earns 50 dollars though. For the Shame or Cash app can indeed download free and also play extras and several games there are, however, only to in-app purchases. At the beginning of each player are ten of the tickets available, with which a round can be gambled each. These are used up, it says and practice waiting in patience, as per a new ticket provider Brainpool Artist and content services to elapse good one and a half hours. Who does not want to wait can already invest mentioned Taler or even help out with cash.

Shame or Cash AppShame or Cash App

A round consists of seven questions. Each question is visible only a few seconds. It will be given four possible answers, but these are only displayed when the buzzer is pressed. If the question is answered correctly there's a match point, you can not answer them, however, or chooses the wrong option, a point is deducted. Is a question in which one does not even have an inkling of what it's all about, the buzzer can be ignored. Then you can not win a point, but it also does not lose. In the end, the player with the most points and must collect for the positive difference of the game points as dollars.

Entertaining app with numerous extras

Although the combination of in-app purchases and additional advertisements is rather unusual, but the provider has come up with some additional features. Players can, for example, create an avatar from almost endless possibilities. There is a built-in chat and the ability to perpetuate themselves on the highscores or play in various leagues. Overall, it can be played in dünf leagues from beginner to champion, which are divided into groups with a maximum of 20 players.