With the abacus cashbook capture business their cash positions electronically and securely. Various detection schemes allow logging of bank transactions and invoices.

abacus cash book download for safe cash management

A cash book is known as a proof of your own pocket expenses and is part of corporate accounting. All documents that have been paid in cash are recorded in a cash book in chronological order. The abacus cashbook download helps to capture the cash movements electronically. A built-in sharing feature ensures the safe transfer of data to the tax consultant. This can make subsequent assignments and take over the database completely in the financial accounting.

Data collection, as in a spreadsheet

The free abacus cashbook rebels from operating in concept to a spreadsheet to. Gathering all the information is similar to Excel in a table in monthly sections. Advanced users can use the control key accounts and key business transactions in order to speed up the acquisition. The term of the sales slip supports free cash book in the form of a PDF file. The data sent the freeware push of a button encrypted to the accountant.

abacus Cash Book Download

create, open or import abacus cashbook

abacus Cash Book is a Java program. Therefore, the freeware Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or higher is required. After the first start are in the main view the following options: Create new cash book, open cash book, cash book import and import ADDISON cashbook. When creating a new cash book, the user specifies a label and the calendar year for which the cash journal to be performed. It must be included in the cash register designation special characters. Opening balances and text keys are copied from the currently open cashbook. In order to meet the different requirements, it can be decided by selecting a scheme, the data to be recorded. The key features of the cash book Overview:

  • Copy and paste using the clipboard
  • Met lt requirements. GDPdU
  • Automatic updating of stocks
  • Recognition of sales tax rates or -schlüsseln
  • Print sales receipt with and without stipulation of cash movement
  • Search functions
  • Customizable detection schemes
  • Support for multiple ledgers
  • Various export possibilities (ADDISON, Datev, Lexware, etc.)
  • Safe mail or file transfer of the POS data
  • Nachkontierung possible

use control key in abacus cashbook

The spreadsheet-oriented program operation turns out to be fairly straightforward. Data can be changed quite comfortable, deleted and copied. With the key "+" Num Lock keypad to jump quickly and easily to the next line. In the Edit / Find menu, the dataset is deliberately ransacked. Control key or key offices may be used in the cash management, which significantly speed up data entry. After printing the sales receipt, the data can not be changed. Other accounting programs are available in our software catalog for free download.

abacus cashbook download operation

perform cash book on the PC The abacus Cash Book Download provides small businesses or companies useful services as part of business accounting. Cash can be electronically and securely manage. With the freeware to create important evidence of operational cash expenses and revenues. Various accounts and control keys are supported.