The download of place cards brings - as the name suggests - a useful editor for designing place cards for many occasions on the home PC. The freeware is designed for printing on special pre-cut sheets of the company Sigel.

Place cards download comes on many occasions to use

As the saying goes: One should celebrate the festivals as they fall. Whether it's a special birthday, a romantic wedding, a child's birthday or baptism. Most of all want to celebrate in a big group with all its loved ones, friends, relatives and acquaintances such events naturally. As soon as you know it, there is a crowd of 40 people or more. Thus erupts on the large coffee table or at the royal dinner no chaos, place cards are an important means. They not only prevent guests are vying for the seats, they are beyond a wonderful decorative element. They can be designed in various ways and thus give the party the perfect finish. With the Place cards Download suitable accessory comes to the PC.

Place cards Download

Without much effort create place cards

Those who come to enjoy to organize a big celebration, has to deal with quite a variety of tasks in general. Nice that at least the design of place cards thanks to this freeware succeed in no time. First, just download the free tool on the big download button. Following open the .exe file to start the installation corridor. If it is installed, can be found on the computer a folder both the editor and a variety of design templates includes. Now just open the editor and let the creative process can begin.

Placecards Download surface

As you would expect of a useful form software and all templates is also working with the place cards helper to be relatively easy. The Interface is clear and commands are quickly found in the menu bar. For information: The program places getting four copies on an A4 page in landscape mode. It should also be borne in mind that the place card Creator is designed for table cards from Sigel. Therefore, the appropriate shape of the cards.

Templates for various occasions

In addition to the editor can be found in the table card download - as already mentioned - a variety of templates. Although these are not final table cards templates, but to a wide variety of motives for the cards. The program brings total 120 subjects from different areas With. You can find these under the following categories:

  • automobile
  • flowers
  • drinks
  • wedding
  • birthday party
  • animals
  • Christmas

Placecards Download motives

Thus, the program covers a number of occasions when these motifs can be used. but whom the choice is not enough, you can also add your own graphics into the editor. Moreover, in the user text formatting in terms font, color and size completely free. So get placecards their very own touch. Useful tool for individual place cards Who wants to save a little money on the place cards for its celebration will be well served with the table map editor. The results may not be comparable to a professional printing company - but they have in any case an individual touch. For home use and small purse in any case recommended.