Of the Arturia Spark Dubstep Download stands for fat dubstep beats with solid and powerful sound. The drum pattern sequencer is designed for live use and works either as a standalone or plugin via VST and RTAS.

Arturia Spark Dubstep Download ensures fat beats

Spark Dubstep brings 30 kits with rich drum samples with besides wobbles and Dubsounds. Nearly 1,000 ready-made patterns make from the first second for powerful rhythms from the can. Patterns can be exported to a sequencer such as Studio One Free for further processing or busy with other sounds. Send effects of verb and delay until compressor, slicer and looper ensure sound distortion and extra pressure - of course, all parameters can be automated.

Patterns can beat tinkerer in the creative drum machine course design itself and either click through individually or automate per song mode. The audio output either via a sum or 16 individual outputs. Besides all the technical details one has to be said clearly: Artuaria Spark Dubstep generated from Hi Quality sounds and cool patterns from the first second a clear Wow! the user. Although the user interface requires little training, but is well structured and quite capable live.

Arturia Spark Dubstep Download

The use in a VST host has many advantages, not least as the export of integrated patterns easily drag&Drop. Dupsteb own beats and hip hop rhythms are timbered with Spark Dubstep in no time. With the right additional samples creative minds tinkering even entire songs with the beat deluxe computer. Mandatory download!

Limitations of Arturia Spark Dubstep

15-day demo version, no load / save, no import / export