Of the Music Archive Download organized a wide variety of multimedia content in the form of a MS Access based database. The freeware accepts as MP3 files or video and audio media such as DVDs and vinyl records into its records.

Order in the music collection with the music archive Download

In addition, the music archive download provides a function for Linking the items with external information on the Internet or with videos of different types. Here, for the tool, it does not matter whether the media files that are captured are stored on your own computer, the local network or on storage media such as USB sticks. For additional information such as artist, album title or -cover the program an interface to the Internet database freeDB served.

Music Archive Download

Music Archive for Audio CDs, MP3s, vinyl LPs and DVDs

The Multimedia Database accepts multimedia files of all types in a database, whether it is audio CDs, MP3s, vinyl LPs or music DVDs. Music lovers can use the connect archived media with additional documents outside the database itself, for example, music videos, HTML documents or images. The files can reside on the Internet. The music archive is rounded off by a connection to the Windows Media Player. The freeware creates so-called hyperlinks, which automatically starts clicking the on-board playback program.

To access the online music database freedb.org

Of the Music Archive Download provides quick access to the online music database freedb.org. This saves a lot of time and effort, since except for the good old vinyl LPs eliminates a cumbersome manual collection of songs and -Infos. In freeDB is automatically transmitted via the Internet to a free service, the CD information. Only one application with your own email address is needed for this.

Automatic import of ID3 tags

The freeware has a comfortable MP3 Management. The user selects the drive and folder containing the music files and music archive reads all information such as artist, title and style from the ID3 tags of the individual MP3 files. Playlists are also generated automatically.

Music archive download ID3 tags

Playing Songs from the database

Hyperlinks allow direct playback of MP3 or WMA files from the database. About the hyper linking music lovers can also look at HTML documents, album artwork, video files, images and other documents raise associated with the songs or artists. More music administrations can be found in our software catalog for free download.