GTA Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA Grand Theft Auto Online

Friends of the action smash GTA V can hunt through the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County in multiplayer mode. GTA Grand Theft Auto Online Download is so extensive that must be spoken basically of a stand-alone game.

GTA Grand Theft Auto Online Download: Play GTA online in multi-player mode

With the separate publication of GTA online version on October 1, 2013, the game maker Rockstar has made quite quickly clear – the online game should be treated independently. Although the game is based on its single-player brother GTA V, but keeps some specials and to indicate its own dynamic and plot development.

GTA Grand Theft Auto Online DownloadGTA Grand Theft Auto Online download: multiplayer offshoot of Knallers GTA (Image: Rockstar Games)

Who is in possession of the GTA V game, can in the web version immediately, without a separate GTA Grand Theft Auto Online Download, plunge. Although the most obvious difference from the Console Game of the multi-player mode, the game has a lot more on the box.

GTA V as a great success among gamers

GTA V has been developed by the Scottish game studio Rockstar North and published in September 2013 by Rockstar Games for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 console. Despite the V in the title is actually already about 11 of the video game series Grand Theft Auto. This takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos, which is reminiscent of Los Angeles. The first time the gamer controls a plurality of different protagonists. GTA V has been with the players a great success. In Germany alone, more than 1.5 million copies of the computer game were sold and until February 2017 sold 75 million copies.

Because, of course, an online version is a must. Approximately two weeks after the launch Rockstar Games has released the multiplayer component Grand Theft Auto Online with an update. Up to 16 players can play together in the version for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, even up to 30 people. Due to the massive Andrangs Grand Theft Auto Online was due to server problems more often to their knees. As a small compensation, the online gamers were given additional play money to fix the problems.

New for GTA online download version

The gamer ends up with GTA Online in the familiar surroundings of GTA V, in the streets of Los Santos, which should ever facilitate orientation. The target position is already known from the single-player games: The mission is making money and increase the funds by real estate, cars and so on. Unlike the PC or console version, you can choose a completely new character next to the well-known characters Trevor, Michael and Franklin. Its development is not predetermined and thus can develop dynamically.

GTA Grand Theft Auto Online Download CharactersUp to 16 players can participate. (Image: Rockstar Games)

a female character may after GTA Grand Theft Auto Online Download first be selected by the way. A maximum of 16 players abound, each with a new character in the maps of the multiplayer games, the virtual alter ego of course, steadily improved by Level Rises his skills. The Leveling up does not take place completely arbitrary, but depends on the style of play. So it shoots rather his way through the online worlds, logically, the accuracy of the character increases.

Many missions that are adapted to the style of play

That the whole thing does not get monotonous everyday character, provide more than 500 (!) Missions and jobs safely waiting for their successful completion. As usual GTA, are bank robberies, kidnappings, attacks on other gangs or coercion on the agenda. Some of the missions are easy to handle alone, for others takes teamwork with other online gamers.

Similar to the dynamic development of the characters, and the missions are provided to fit your own style of play. In friendships with certain criminal gangs, you always get a deeper insight into their environment. Car dealers show the art of car theft, hackers, however, how to disappear from the radar.

GTA Grand Theft Auto Online Download recreational opportunitiesCasual rounds with the jet ski (Image: Rockstar Games)

Nevertheless, there is GTA Grand Theft Auto Online not only of the seriousness of the GTA life. Borrowing from Los Angeles city comes up with lovely details and jobs. So provide relaxation numerous mini-games and leisure activities, including casual rounds with the jet ski, a small car race or Amis favorite sports, hunting …

GTA Online as a game

Grand Theft Auto Online is a multiplayer mode. It is in GTA Online is a separate game whose action takes place chronologically before GTA V. The gamer takes the role of a criminal who does various illegal jobs and thereby get to know the protagonist of GTA V. An editor is provided, which has at the outset created their own character and in addition to the exterior of an impact on strength and endurance. Upon request, the player is still a long intro video looks at and Browsed in the tutorial that the GTA online world demonstrates quite well.

complete missions with other players

In the following period, the player is confronted with missions that he should attend alone or together with other players. Moreover, areas are available on the GTA online map example ready for racing, death matches or Armdr├╝ck competitions. Who wants to buy weapons or modify, visited de Ammu-Nation. In a clothing store, the player can get the perfect outfit and buy drinks, snacks and cigarettes in a small shop. The alternative: simply rob the store! The tuning of your own ride vehicle takes place in the Los Santos Customs workshop and of course, a hairdressing salon, a tattoo shop and car and real estate agents in the GTA online world must.

Join a crew or even create a

The player can also join a crew or a crew themselves create. The Crew logo is worn on the vehicles and clothing. You can connect up to five crews, but only one is always active. It is all about to rise in rank with experience points and get hold of weapons, clothing, tuning parts and money. Much fun preparing it to modify its vehicles with increasing rank visually more and more. Several small, free DLC and updates were provided by the manufacturer, containing new missions, jobs, vehicles, weapons, hairstyles and clothes. Popular for example, the Heist DLC which was released in March, 2015. Here, the gamer gets access to new missions and bank robberies, where they gather additional cars and weapons.

Creator mode for custom missions & run

In a free Creator mode, the gamer even capture missions, races and death matches can make and share them with other players. But some of them are even verified by Rockstar Games and included in the original game.