With the Facebook Camera Effects, the social network has created a new way to be creative. Images can thereby embellish among others, self-designed elements - so you can also the Facebook profile picture frame Add. What are the guidelines here, we have gathered here.

After downloading the Facebook app in the latest version or via the browser, it will soon be possible to make his photos with specially designed stickers, frames and filters and to put it even more in the limelight. Of course, this will be possible with profile pictures. There framework for some time. They usually appear on certain occasions and events, and can be added by each user to their own image.

Facebook profile picture frameOn overlays should be avoided. (Photo: Facebook)

With Facebook profile picture frame certain conditions apply

However, Facebook requires certain requirements for profile photos that need to be adhered to. And these guidelines are also of the frame and therefore the creator of a Such must stand. Such a framework should not cover the face, for example. That will at every upload - checked - even when uploading an imaginary profile for picture frame. But in order to save themselves and Facebook unnecessary work, there is a list of dos and don'ts:

  • Thus, Facebook itself a PSD template available with which it is easier for the user to adhere to these guidelines. Here all format requirements are specified.
  • For the frames you should use a PNG file with a transparent background, because the background otherwise covered their profile picture.
  • As size should be based on 1200 x 1200 pixels
  • In addition, it advises to use simple shapes with a lot of contrast and bright colors and
  • to choose at least writings font sizes from 100 points at the full resolution of 1200 x 1200th

Facebook profile picture frame bansBesides hateful messages or stolen logos and hashtags are not welcome.

without overlays and hashtags

Some items, the company out especially when it comes to Facebook profile picture frame. On these points when you create a frame or other element for a profile picture should therefore be dispensed with:

  • Logos, elements or fonts that do not include a self or one's own organization, may not be used.
  • Full image overlays or inclinations should be avoided.
  • Also on photographic elements, the user should be without.
  • Likewise, hateful or otherwise derogatory text and graphics are prohibited - that should be self-evident.
  • White edges equipment and other edges and borders are not popular because they take up space.
  • It should also be dispensed with hashtags in such a framework.
  • If you are thinking to use the framework for distribution or for advertising purposes, should refrain from.