At the PhotoFiltre download is it is a bulging toolbox for image manipulation. With the software you give digital photos the finishing touch.

PhotoFiltre Download with numerous filters and effects

In addition to standard editing functions such as turning or cutting out the application offers numerous filters and effects and also sees itself with layers. Even advanced tasks such as perspective distortion in 3D masters PhotoFiltre without hesitation. The extensive collection also offers filter effects for the artificial aging or adding textures like burlap and others. In addition, optimized PhotoFiltre settings such as brightness, contrast or sharpness. The already rich feature set is extended on request with a number of plug-ins.

All in all, PhotoFiltre has hardly hide behind its fee-based models. The freeware is not only suitable for home users and professionals of the image editor may well satisfy. Even the keyboard commands should happen to all those known, who are familiar with Adobe Photoshop top dogs. By the way: PhotoFiltre is also available with enhanced functionality: PhotoFiltre Studio X.

PhotoFiltre download

Limitations of PhotoFiltre

Free for non-commercial use for private and educational sector.