Browser in the Box was formerly known as the bit box and brings a vituelles system including browser on the PC. With VirtualBox and a pre-configured Linux variant, including Firefox or Chrome freeware, thus ensuring a worry free web surfing, and safe downloads.

Bitbox Download as secure virtual surfing environment

Installing and shoot - that's Browser in the Box. While the download and installation take a while for the safe-surfing solution scores with a well thought out concept. The Linux system used for surfing is completely decoupled from the actual host and checks downloaded files through their paces before they are made available on the host PC.

Bitbox download

Bitbox was developed on behalf of the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI). The fully protected web browser blocks attacks from the Internet reliable. These affect only the virtual machine and not the actual Windows system. The virtual machine is running in Windows, or under a separate user account. Browser in the Box actually puts together only puzzle pieces, which are also available separately. For this, the Safe Browser takes users a lot of configuration work and is simple to use.