Birthday Calendar

Of the Birthday Calendar Download provides a convenient calendar with reminders for birthdays and holidays. Each appointment or birthday person can be an image and automatically assign the asterisk.

Birthday Calendar Download with reliable reminder

Alternatively, the helper remembers when Windows starts or at a specified time of upcoming holidays. The reminder of birthday calendar can be activated between 0 and 99 days of each birthday. The memories will show the software at system startup or at a specified time and reminds you of birthdays and sonically. The integrated backup and restore can be used to transfer data to other computers. An annual overview of all birthdays can be printed on an A4 page.

Birthday Calendar Download

Thoughtful reminder for birthdays and holidays

Who has already provided appropriate files with birthday lists, these imported comfortable in the birthday calendar, provided they are as a CSV or Excel files. In addition, the well-wisher sent now congratulatory messages in SSL-encrypted form. Birthday Calendar relies on a so-called reminder for birthdays and holidays a solid impression. The demo version has no time limit. It can however be detected up to three entries.

Limitations of Birthday Calendar

In the trial up to three birthdays or holidays can be entered.