Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery import, edit and organize photos into albums. The own recordings can be demanding present and perform simple image editing functions. The software developed by Microsoft sorts images, for example, by recording date or other criteria. The own snapshots can edit, add effects and publish on various Internet platforms of photo enthusiasts.

Windows Live Photo Gallery download as part of the Live Essentials

Windows Live Photo Gallery makes organizing and editing photos in Windows even easier. The freeware is part of Windows Live Essentials, an all-in-one suite of image editing, messenger, word processor and video editing tool from Microsoft. The Windows Essentials package was in earlier versions of Windows, a component of the operating system. Of the Windows Live Photo Gallery Download expands the photo gallery included with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 to versatile functions.

Windows Live Photo Gallery Download

Powerful photo tools chic design

First, the interface with ribbon design of the latest Microsoft applications has been beefed up. secondly, the freeware offers some powerful photo tools. Thus, for example, composing panoramic images from multiple snapshots. Anyone who wants can update using the Windows Live Photo Gallery download simultaneously other Microsoft components of Essentials software such as Microsoft Messenger, Movie Maker or Windows Live Mesh.

Releasing own snapshots for Facebook or Flickr

Another successful feature of Windows Live Photo Gallery: fusion. the tool merges elements of different photos to a recording. Facial recognition helps in the search for pictures and videos. In addition, photos and movies for services such as Facebook, YouTube or Flickr can share. Editing features such as photo retouching and slideshow designs round out the photo helpers from Redmond.

Windows Live Photo Gallery download release

provided images in Windows Live Photo Gallery geotagged

It is in Windows Live Photo Gallery is a very comfortable software to edit and manage movies and photos. The particular strength is to publish the picture quickly and easily on the web. With the convenient search function the photos you want to be tracked down quickly. Useful is the ability to to sort collections of images according to the personal wishes. manages awarded for photos tags and other metadata such as ratings or geo-tags and the user changes fairly straightforward.

Face recognition as a highlight of the Windows Live Photo Gallery

The Retuschierungsfunktion provides a valuable service to eliminate unwanted content on images. Various tools are available, which among other things, sharpen snapshots, remove red eyes or optimize exposure. One of the highlights is the face detection. If you marked on a photo of a person’s face and that assigns a name to the entire photo collection can be automatically searched for additional images on which the person is to be seen.

Windows Live Photo Gallery Download Rating

Rules for the own pictures collection Windows Live Photo Gallery provides only the basic functions of an image editing, but shines in the management of images with interesting presentation functions and brings order in your photo collection. The Organize photos and movies, including publishing on the web works just as easily as the photo sharing with friends. The software from Microsoft offers an excellent face recognition.