ClearProg blurred reliably track the Internet usage. The freeware removes all data generated during a browsing session. In addition to Internet Explorer and Firefox, the privacy tool also supports Opera, Netscape and Mozilla. In addition to cookies ClearProg sweeps also the course and temporary Internet files from the hard disk. Furthermore, the surf traces expert erases data of Autovervollständigen- and the download list. He empties the trash and the course of recently edited documents in Windows. By rules exclude the user, for example, cookies from Cleaning responsible for logging into the webmail service. ClearProg provides the user with a comprehensive solution for the protection of privacy available. Unlike competing software not only surf tracks are on the agenda of freeware, including remnants of the local working under Windows, it eliminates. After using this Cleaners is Snoop teeth bite out of the PC, where they will find nothing. Detailed information on the use of freeware ClearProg, our software blog.