G DATA antivirus

Of the G DATA AntiVirus Download provides comprehensive protection against a variety of threats from the Internet. The guard refused, among other viruses, worms or Trojan horses the way on the home PC and also throws a close eye on the traffic of instant messengers and mail programs.

G DATA AntiVirus download monitors the system in real time

Where G DATA AntiVirus does its monitoring tasks in real-time while browsing or chatting. If a complete scan of the system, the program performs these viruses by in work breaks. Once the computer is needed again, the tool creates a time out and continues checking at a later date. Thanks to cloud technology and improved knowledge of unknown pests based on their behavior, the manufacturer promises more effective protection against rootkits & Co. G DATA AntiVirus also shines with its simple operation with just a few mouse clicks.

New on board: The bank guard for secure online banking as well as a protective mechanism against keyloggers. Also new is the possibly but promises to close rapidly occurring vulnerabilities G Data CloseGap technology. Those who want additional security by firewall and parental control, reaches for the G Data Internet Security, we also offer them for download. Even more extras such as virus protection for Android Mobile provides G DATA Total Security.

G DATA AntiVirus Download

Limitations of G DATA antivirus

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