which of the streaming portals is the best? We compared: of charge to free, whether legal or not. In the top 10, everyone will find something suitable without burning your fingers!

Top 10 streaming portals at a glance

How have searched and compiled the most successful streaming portals. The shady sides we looked at even more closely. What service can use safely and which side it is better to stay away?

streaming portals 1. Kinox.to

Kinox.to is one of the most successful portals in Germany. No wonder the site provides the latest blockbusters such series at the free stream. But caution is necessary here: While streaming is not currently available as copyright infringement because no copy of the title is made. Legal is the whole story still does not. At the moment Streaming is considered legal gray area, but that can change at any time. Users then run the risk of being reprimanded with substantial fines. Therefore: hands off!

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Streaming portals Burning Series 2. Burning Series

Burning Series is as successful as kinox.to, but has mainly specialized in series. Who wants to watch the new episode of Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead here, but goes legally on thin ice. Even Burning Series is one of the streaming portals that are of concern and should therefore be used under any circumstances!

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Streaming portals Beautiful TV 3. Beautiful TV

Free and legally it comes with Beautiful television. With the Web App, numerous stations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can watch on your PC. In addition, the app scores with channel lists and many extras.

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Streaming portals network cinema 4. Power Cinema

Who has enough of the television program, should try the equally legitimate and free service network cinema. There are so many films in full length. Although it is not the most current titles, but users can be sure that after the movie experience flutter no warnings into the house.

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Streaming portals Watch Ever 5. Watch Ever

At No. 5 is the first portal for must be paid. For this Maxdome offers current films also numerous exclusive series. The monthly cost with monthly 8.99 euros while a euro higher than the competition, but still manageable.

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Streaming Netflix portals 6. Netflix

The US giant Netflix has made particularly by its outstanding productions a name. Series such as Orange Is the New Black or House of Cards would pass as a street sweeper, you could not watch it any time. A monthly fee's from 7,99 euros - and here you are on the safe side legally

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Streaming portals Nox.to 7. Nox.to

Before this site must be explicitly warned. User streaming portals are Kinox.to & Co. in a legal gray zone, it is clearly illegal here! The difference: When streaming, no copies are made; however, Nox.to offers titles for download. And this is an offense under current law, if it must be assumed that an illegal source - which will be difficult to refute in Nox.to. The same goes for sites like Popcorn Time.

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Streaming portals max cathedrals 8. Max cathedrals

The largest selection of movies for paid streaming services offers max cathedrals. With 7.99 euros per month costs, the service ranks in the number of Netflix and watch a Ever. The selection of titles is varied, alone: ​​Series fans are not necessarily at their expense.

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Streaming portals Amazon Prime 9. Amazon Prime

The cheapest of the paid streaming services is 49 euro per year * Amazon Prime +. The downside: users one year have to bind to the service before it is terminated monthly. The offer is slightly narrower than the competition, but this is manageable at the unbeatable price.

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Streaming portals Movie4k.to 10. Movie4k.to

A similarly wide range as Kinox.to but enriched by explicit strips that streams on Movie4k.to. According to the current legal situation, this portal is not recommended, especially here Users are also bothered by obtrusive advertising.

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