Anno 1503 Patch

Anno 1503 Patch

The Anno 1503 Patch is the final and latest update for the second part of the legendary series Anno . The freeware includes all previous patches popular construction and trade simulation, so that their installation is obsolete.

Anno 1503 patch download fixes numerous bugs of the strategy game

As usual with this type bug fixes, and the Anno 1503 repaired patch download several errors both playful and technical in nature. Among other things, reduces the free patch crashes in the game and fixes inconsistencies such as ship repair by paramedics. Furthermore, the patch improves compatibility of the quite something in the aging classic game with modern hardware. In fact, the manufacturer UbiSoft brings the players on the technical and playful state of the Gold Edition of the iconic games.

Anno 1503 patch download

In the footsteps of Christoph Kolumbus in undiscovered worlds

at "Anno 1503 – Dawn of a New World" is it is the second part of the simulation and strategy game of the Anno series, which was published in the year of 2002. This leads to a Expedition into unknown areas of the Renaissance. The player follows in the footsteps of Christoph Kolumbus, cruises on the ocean, trying to create the island paradise of his dreams. Since he can not produce all the raw materials on his little island, it expands in the real-time strategy to other islands or trades with other nations. There are to discover many fun and interesting details, including more than 150 animated animal species that populate the island worlds.

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Anno 1503 Patch provides compatibility improved to new hardware

The manufacturer UbiSoft points out that the Anno 1503 patch is only compatible with the normal retail version of the game. Especially it concerns with the improvements to annoying little bugs and an optimized compatibility with modern hardware. Concretely, the Attack behavior of ships improved. In farms and plantations no more fields in the harvesting of be ignored. Armed ship not fire after installing the patch on floating cargo and gem mines can the player be built close to each other from now on, too.

Anno 1503 patch download Bugs

Errors in the health bars of figures have been corrected

In addition, through the Anno 1503 patch download Error health bars of figures corrected and there is no sticking of ships at the edge region of islands more. Various crash should no longer occur, among other things, during the demolition of the house of Medicus and if the catchment area of ​​the counting-house on the edge of the card extends. The patch patchwork also ensure that paramedics repair no ships and no longer stick to rocks or houses scouts or soldiers makes. Patch released the strategy game of annoying errors Friends of Anno 1503 will quickly download the latest patch for the Real-time strategy again largely free of annoying errors and bugs can be played. Especially in detail is evident after applying the fixes some valuable and useful improvement of game action.