With the aCalendar app Android users get a smart calendar with intuitive navigation and comfortable full-screen widgets. The calendar syncs with Google Calendar and Co., stored photos for birthdays and allows the sharing of appointments via QR or NFC.

aCalendar app: Intuitive and sustainable

The diary was published by the Munich-based company Tapir Apps. The developers have not only written on the flag, to facilitate users everyday, but to also ensure sustainability. So donate ten percent of their income for the preservation of rain forests, among others, in Ecuador and Peru, the last habitats of Bergtapirs.

aCalendar app

Which does not mean, conversely, that the app is not free. The aCalendar Android application is both free and ad-free. The developers also offer a Plus version, which is equipped with additional functions. Among other things, the plus event invitations availability settings, and creating tasks allowed.

aCalendar: vision despite her busy schedule

With the app aCalendar managing appointments of any kind is facilitated. For this, the Calendar Android app brings together all of the calendar and, through versatile customization options for a perfect overview. The application allows not only the management of its own calendar, but also all Google Calendar. Thanks to the synchronization of the user is able, internally view appointments of employees. In addition, the organizer brings different views. The user can very easily switch via swipe from left to right between annual, daily, weekly and monthly view or a birthday calendar. Swiping up or down the calendar page can change. In addition, the tapir Calendar Full Screen has 4x4 widget and a date widget.

aCalendar app swipe

Colors bring in the reminder clarity

To distinguish events against each other, the aCalendar Android application allows the use of about 48 colors per calendar. So can be easily set priorities, also the dates with eyes quickly scanned.

integrate photos for birthdays

A particularly nice feature, which breathes its own calendar and individuality and life, is the photo integration. So Birthdays are displayed with a corresponding photo of the person, the age stands. The calendar takes the birthdays for the rest of Contact, Facebook and other calendars and creates a birthday list.

aCalendar app functions

Simpler exchange of appointments

A function that is different from many other aCalendar Reminder downloads, is the innovative futures exchange. Users can display a QR code for each appointment. A colleague can then scan these with his cell phone and even the appointment will also appear with him. In addition, the Tapir app supports NFC technology (Near Field Communication). In current devices, the near field should already be possible so that users can exchange events with each other in this way.