Lovoo not? There is a box!

Lovoo not go more, even though it was right now exciting? With these solutions, the problem can be resolved quickly and easily, and further flirted directly. learn more here!

Whether one uses the social network in the browser or by downloading the app LOVOO mobile on your smartphone or tablet, and to the popular Flirt denied tool. No wonder, now more than 30 million people use the portal to meet new people. Especially a kind Flirt radar has paid off: With it, other users can be displayed in close proximity and written on the basis of their own location. The use of the basic functions is free here, special features, however, must be grasped in the pocket. The more annoying it when the application will not work is.

Lovoo not? Then just follow these steps:

First, it may be that Lovoo itself has technical problems. In this case, you can check this link. allestörungen the site documents all technical problems and failures. here if many messages have been recorded in recent times, you have to wait for better or worse, because then the fault lies with the supplier. There are no reported incidents, but Lovoo does not go, you should try the following tricks:

  • The smartphone or tablet should be restarted.
  • Even the Internet connection of the device may be the cause of the problems and should be checked. (When the flight mode active? Were the mobile data disabled? Infected you straight into a dead spot?)
  • In addition, an outdated version of the app is often a source of error. Here it helps to perform an update of the app and bring the application to the date.
  • Now and then the cache should be taught. Who does not know exactly how this works, should access tools for our free Cleaning.
  • If all else fails, the app must be uninstalled and again played on the device.

Login does not work

Lovoo will not work because username or password are not recognized? Then the problem can be solved as:

  • enter data again, sometimes a typo is to blame for a failed login.
  • You must use only the e-mail address with which has been registered.
  • In a forgotten password new can on the "Forgot Password" or "reset Password"Button are set.
  • If the email is not found to set a new password in the inbox, spam folder should be checked.

These tips have not helped?

If the service Flirt his help Cupid still refuse, only the support helps. However, this must be in writing, and indeed contacted here. Furthermore must use type, subject, the registered e-mail address and the existing problem are given. In addition, other files can be added to clarify the existing problem through the contact form. Now you have to take a little break and flirt wait until the support has found the error.

Lovoo not goLovoo not? In the worst case, the support must be contacted.