System Mechanic Free

System Mechanic Free delivers a lot of information about hardware, software, and Windows. The freeware repairs the registration database and frees hard drives obsolete files on Windows 8. Here are several search modes with very precise detail settings. In addition, file shredder, Windows tweaks and some attract more.

System Mechanic Free Download

Free system cleanup for different areas

Unlike other free tools for system cleanup from our catalog are in removing temporary files by Junk File Finder different modes available. The quick cleanup QuickClean strictly checked familiar Windows folder on data ballast. The deep cleansing Deep Clean contrast scans all folders and removes so much more unneeded files. About the manual mode Custom Cleanup put users firmly also which types are to be removed from files. The system is relatively clean comfortable designed and thus clearly one of the strengths of the System Mechanic Free Download. Temporary Internet files are incidentally removed via a separate module called PC Cleanup.

clean up registry and secure

Quite useful in the Free System Mechanic download is integrated registry Cleaner. The grants the Windows registry and fix any errors, but does not provide defragmentation. For it can be created Backup, which one makes any problems by over-optimization undo a registry.

Other tools of the System Cleaners

Furthermore, there is about the Privacy Cleaner Shredding the browser history ready - this is supposedly sensitive data can not be restored. The File Shredder there are also again for selectable files or entire folders. In addition, the System Mechanic takes care of unneeded auto start, the Defragmenting drives plus RAM, detects duplicate data and checks the security status of the computer. By Super Control Panel also has a long bar at Windows Tweaks ready. Here one has direct access to various Windows screws that are otherwise accessible only indirectly via Control Panel. To make the list even completely, however, you should already plan some time. the functions are completed by an uninstaller. However, the recourse to the conventional uninstall process and thus provides the same function as the Windows Control Panel.

Individual repair or one-click system Clean

About the Toolbox via accessible tool box with tools Individual name the helpers described above are available individually to repair target specific trifles. Per All-in-one tools are the areas system acceleration, PC Repair, PC Cleanup and PC Security reached that summarize each have a series of tasks. PC TotalCare again summarizes all of these summaries, saying tidy One click, everything.

System Mechanic as a central program launcher

The free version System Mechanic Free presents itself with a modern look and feel in English and has a variety of tools on board. The free System Cleaner takes at least partly due to Windows' own funds and is to be understood rather as a central program launcher in some respects. This is the case in the field of Internet Security, which simply displays the same information as the Windows Action Center.

System Mechanic Free as an advertisement for the Pro version

In addition, a comparatively large buttons for great features that are not available but without upgrading to the paid Pro Edition advertise. In addition, problems appear that can not be repaired with the Free System Cleaner. are really annoying in this context, constant pop-up messages in the taskbar, indicating what the SysMech had just can do, one would have but only the Pro version purchased. However, the promises actually to be a fine affair and scores with numerous optimizations fine adjustment to optimize Windows systems, first and second cyclically dynamically during operation. More demo as Freeware All in all, the freeware is thus more of a demo version of the paid version. Nevertheless, it is certainly quite nice and can be quite helpful with the above tools.