Quickly and easily search for contacts in Skype

Quickly and easily search for contacts in Skype

to look at Skype contacts is straightforward and requires no technical knowledge. How this is done, users here. Skype is a very popular program that allows people around the world call each other or exchange messages. Since not every friend or acquaintance is in their own contact list explains these instructions as they are found. Search at Skype contacts is possible in a few steps.

to look at Skype contacts is quick and easy

The following steps how is explained in Search Skype contacts and can add. This process does not require any technical knowledge and can be quickly and easily carried out and.

which requirements apply?

Thus, the user can search for other people, it must have a recent version of Skype. Who has not this, Skype can be downloaded here for free. A download and installation go there vonstatten within minutes.

how to search for other people

This tutorial is possible in a simple way to search Skype contacts: Step 1: The user must start the program Skype and log in with a valid user name and password. Now normally, the contact list is displayed and all standard options are available. step 2: The user has now the blue-coded symbol "Add contacts" click. Here, the user has the opportunity to other people using their real name, their email address or their Skype username to search. Skype Kontkte Search 1 step 3If the lookup is a hit, the other contact can be added. If in doubt as to whether this is the right person, the user can display the profile of the other person with a click of the right mouse button. So the other person knows why the user would like to add it, a short message can be added to the contact request. A search by town, as it was possible in older versions of Skype, is no longer possible in current versions. It should be avoided that users get messages with questionable content and spam sent.

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