Heroes X Mortals: War Arena

Heroes X Mortals: War Arena

With the Heroes X Mortals: War Arena App Heroes are born. For this, 30 different Heroes with different powers and abilities to choose from that have trained and armed ready to go into battle against the darkness. Players embark in this “player versus player” game on a trip to hidden worlds with mystical figures and magical items. The unique Android games graphics makes you forget the fight in the arena space and time and pulls the fighters in the magical world of Heroes X Mortals.

Heroes X Mortals: War Arena App

Heroes X Mortals: War Arena App – the story

Who the world of heroes and Mortals – mortal – enters, goes to dark dangers and must face many bloody battles. These heroes have recruited, trained and familiarized with magic items and weapons. Only those who continually explored in the fight, justice will help to victory. In the battle against darkness a legion of heroes and Mortals must be recruited and trained. Only with a perfectly sophisticated strategy and the right alliances this battle can be won between good and evil.

Heroes X Mortals: War Arena App Characters

Features of the online action role-playing game

In addition to numerous items and weapons that are hidden in the mysterious world of Heroes X Mortals War Arena App, players from over 30 different heroes can select different forces and talents. Those who wish can organize private tournaments and compete in the PvP arena against his friends. The chat offers more than the actual game, a platform in which to meet gamers and make new friends. In the forum there are numerous tips, tricks, help and tutorial for the game.

Free game with payment option

Heroes X Mortals: War Arena for Android is a free app. About In-app purchases, however, rare items or particularly powerful weapons can be purchased for real money. Although the so-called freemium model is currently being criticized for games, it offers users the opportunity to play games completely free of charge. These include just a little patience and the right game strategy. So if you want to gamble tepid, should forgo paid Booster, precious stones or gold coins, to be patient and demonstrate skills in combat.


Since it is in the Heroes X Mortals War Arena App is an online role-playing game, the device must be connected during the game to the Internet.