O & O SafeErase

Of the O&O SafeErase Download brings a useful aid to the PC when it comes to remove personal data completely. This is especially necessary when selling or disposing of old PCs. The program uses a multi-stage quenching method which precludes recovery. Provide best possible data protection is guaranteed for the user.

O&O SafeErase download on the sale of old PCs

Users who have acquired a new computer and now want to get rid of by sale, gift or dispose of their old, should ensure that they have made him completely flat. That is, all data should be removed from the PC - in full and without any means of reconstruction. This ensures that personal, sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands. The right partner for the job, the O&O SafeErase download. The data cleansing program uses recognized methods and deletes PC data, so that a reconstruction of these can be excluded.

O & O SafeErase Download

O&O SafeErase maintain your PC at your fingertips

The program first scoured the computer after not completely erased and temporary data. This also takes into account information that are stored by each user while surfing the Internet. By pressing a button the software capable of the entire hard disk and hard disk partitions is to clean or only certain files or directories. Moreover, in addition to PCs and mobile media such as USB sticks or external hard drives have it cleaned.

O & O SafeErase download hard drives

Security software uses recognized erase method

The special feature of this tool compared to other security software is that it holds various methods to remove the data. Overall, the SafeErase has six variants to delete the data in the luggage. These differ in the shape of the letter and number of passes. Among other things, makes the O&O SafeErase Download recognized methods such as Gutmann method or a method of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) advantage. In Erstgenanntem the hard disk is overwritten, for example, 35 times. In addition, the deletion professional copes effortlessly with modern flash drives (SSDs). After recognizing this, it uses a mode of drive controller and memory cells not loaded. As already mentioned, removable media are not a problem. The software performs its work on memory cards, USB flash drives and USB and Firewire disks exemplary.

O & O SafeErase download methods

Whether data from the web as Coockies, cache, and browsing history or temporary data from different applications - SafeErase removed completely and securely. The function TotalErase the entire computer with a single click can be flattening otherwise.

Limitations of O&O; SafeErase

The trial version only individual files or folders can be deleted.