Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2

With the free Piano Tiles 2 App can test their skill at new songs prove fans of Don’t Tap The White Tile. Also new is the ability to save their own scores. In addition, you can play against friends or players around the world.

Piano Tiles 2 app: playing the piano for unmusical

After the success of Piano Tiles, which is also known under the name Don’t Tap The White Tiles, it was clear that a successor hermusste. Fortunately, the makers of Clean Master Games have complied with this request and have released the second part of the musical game. Who is only now become aware of the piano play but should not begin its predecessor, you might as well go into the second part. The second good news: Although the game comes with a high musical proportion, no musical skills are necessary. What is needed, however, in any case, skill and speed.

Piano Tiles 2 AppThe musical successor: Piano Tiles 2 App

The game is also free and can be installed on Android devices from version 4.0. As with most free games apps 2 Android application available in-app purchases in the piano Tiles.

Piano Tiles 2 Android with known gameplay

Who does not know the game – the principle is simple: The user gets a piano keyboard displayed. Unlike the real piano but the player may touch only one color: the black keys. All white keys are taboo. The faster you tap on the appearing black keys – all the better. So that the whole makes sense and fun, each level is backed by a piece of music.

Piano songs in arcade game

The song selection in the Piano Tiles 2 app is mostly classical nature – which is not surprising especially with a piano performance. Although some users complain that modern pieces are missing, but maybe that will be re-stocked. Just recently, for example, these pieces have been added:

  • Carnaval Op.9 No.14
  • Arabesque Op.76 No.9
  • Bagpipe Dance
  • Spinning song
  • Dance of Reed
  • Seguidilla
  • tarantella

Piano Tiles 2 App duelsplaying against friends or players from around the world

Innovations to the previous game

In addition, therefore, the game also comes in a slightly different guise. There is, for a new color schemes, as well as a new gameplay has been added. You can tap the keys now long. Moreover, to provide some variation that you can gamble against his Facebook friends. In addition, players can compete against their finger dexterity in the wider context regarding. Thus Battle with players from around the world now also possible.