CandiSoft Load

CandiSoft Load

The free CandiSoft Load! engages users in the Download File hosting under the arms. The Free Download Manager supports virtually all popular hosting as, or automates the downloading of archives for guests and premium customers the file hoster.

Filehoster perfectly under control with the Load! download

The CandiSoft Load! Download brings an integrated Decrypter for downloading encrypted links. A so-called image recognition interface allows to download from free accounts, without keying in numbers. So guest users can download from One-Click-Hosters unlimited, the freeware offers a so-called router Reconnect, which automatically detects a new IP.

Load! download

Detection of all common encoding formats

CandiSoft Load! scores with a positive operating concept and many settings for fast and worry-free downloads from file hosting. Detects almost all common encoding formats make Load! one of the most versatile download manager of its kind. key features of CandiSoft Load! Overview:

  • Supports a variety of hosting
  • Decrypt! for automatically decrypting many Link protectors
  • Simultaneous downloading multiple files
  • Chunk support
  • Proxy Download Free system allows users to download multiple
  • Automatic Entpackfunktion with password support and list
  • Event System for high flexibility
  • Macro System for own command chains
  • Smart Link Collector
  • Package system with many additional functions
  • Clip board monitoring and direct opening of containers
  • Reconnect via .bat (IP check, wait for end of file or manual waiting time)
  • Reconnect assistant with methods for over 200 routers
  • Supports container formats CCF, RSDF, DLC
  • Other useful features such as low-speed detection

Load! download Reconnect

CandiSoft Load! optimizes the pause and resume downloads

The current CandiSoft Load Download provides an improved pause and resume downloads. In addition, the surface was polished and the password field for accounts will show asterisks on. Fixed some minor issues, including the special characters shown in file names were. More download manager can be found for free download in our software offering. Comfortable download manager for One-Click-Hoster The Download Manager Load! is help when downloading files from One-Click-Hosters like RapidShare. This store large files to make them accessible to a wider number of people. The freeware makes the sometimes complicated process but something a lot more comfortable. Guest-users have the option of a router reconnects running the Download reliably despite Assigning the IP addresses.