LOVOO Delete Account - Here's How!

LOVOO Delete Account – Here’s How!

delete the LOVOO account that many who have found happiness like. The navigation then, is not easy. Find out now how to do it! The LOVOO app is one of the most popular dating applications for quick Flirt in everyday life. Once installed, it shows a radar display all users appropriate gender and age, which are nearby. Is the joy of love found, is a real the Delete LOVOO Account. It is not enough to simply uninstall the app.

What should be considered before deleting the LOVOO accounts?

Unlike some other online dating providers the deletion of the LOVOO accounts is irrevocable and should therefore be carefully considered. Many other online dating services assume that you re-up, after a certain time in the single-pool and want to use the service again. In these cases, the profiles are easily disabled and can easily be restored at the new login. Not so with the dating app with helpful Flirt radar. Although you can also off at will and log back in, but with the account deletion all images, chat histories and contacts the corresponding profile will become permanent. Want a man or woman then use the service again in the future, a completely new account must be set up.

Delete these steps to LOVOO Account

It is not easy to say goodbye from the online dating, because the app is so affectionate like a pouting ex-lover. The user will be asked several times before the final stroke if he is aware of the consequences and really wants to take this step. This guide will help in navigating to a happy ending – so work clearing the LOVOO accounts. Danger: VIP members with subscription must cancel the membership separately, it paid contributions are already non-refundable. All existing in LOVOO credits also expire at the cancellation and can not be claimed at the new login. 1&# 46; Step: To delete the profile on an Android device, you must first log into the app. 2&# 46; Step: After that you click on the Window menu, the three dash. There, the photo’s own profile is clicked. 3&# 46; Step: In the profile settings using the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen to be called. delete Lovoo 4&# 46; Step: If you arrived at the Settings, My account is now selected. 5&# 46; Step: Delete the menu item account is at the bottom. The selection must again by entering the password and clicking Delete forever be confirmed. Now the LOVOO account is deleted.