mutate with these tricks for Mega Snake

These tricks each snake-charmer should know. Here you find the perfect strategy to bring its gigantic reptile and dominate the game!

After download, players have to go as a snake on the search for food. The combination of the classic game Snake and the surprise hit of last year now has been a record-breaking number of users and soon became the cult game. tricks and Understanding

The aim of browser games is to leave a small snake be as large as possible. For this, the Reptile needs to be fed - with glittering points. The larger the are, the faster the animals grow. Therefore, one should always go there where it sparkles and glitters. But beware: If touching another snake, the game is over. Unlike, it does not matter whether the opponent is bigger or smaller. The control of the Kriechtieres can either use mouse or arrow keys. Beyond a certain size, there is a speed boost when the mouse button or the arrow is pressed upwards. of course, as a raging across the pitch line costs energy and therefore they lost some of the boost of their body size. In plain English: The snake shrinks when it is accelerated.

First appearance is everything: customize skins

Our first of tricks is purely aesthetic: The game currently offers 22 different skins. Of snakes in the iris over looks in shades of different nationalities ranging albineskem a kind of reptile with tentacles on their heads. The option to customize the skins, place directly on the home screen of the game. The button Change skin leads to the gallery with the diverse looks. After selecting the right snake outfits that simply must be confirmed with Save and the following rounds to play in extravagant style. This can be any change often the way. Tricks: Here, the skins can be changed. (Screenshot: Thorntree Studios / Editorial)

2. Finding the right strategy

Unlike opponent can not be absorbed simply by the superiority of size. But with these tricks you can turn them off anyway. Since transforming from the game catapulted directly into snakes particularly caloric food, one achieves a growth spurt out through the kicking of other gamers. That's how it works:

  • First, stay on the safe side, keep distance from other snakes and achieve by eating a certain size.
  • One is large enough to encircle smaller snakes, they can be so lure them into the trap.
  • Now just wait for the opponent circling until it (which sooner or later will simply pass) makes a mistake and dissolves. tricks opponents circlingOpponents can be circling above a certain size. (Screenshot: Thorntree Studios / Editorial)

always have a look at the playing card

The last our advice is to be applied if one has already found you right strategy for themselves. After starting the game you should then always keep the overview map in mind. This is found in the lower right field. Here can be seen just where you are yourself in the game and where the other players. If you want to grow quickly and take the risk of making a mistake, you can navigate his snake deliberately into the fray. In the other case can be seen where things just a bit quieter and you can give a short break his Reptile from map.