village life

In the simulation game village life of gamers is the hard-working farmer who starts with the rooster crowing his work and until sunset plows. But hard work is rewarded: Quick, the small courtyard transformed into a huge estate. The game has been released from six years.

Farm simulation without village life Download

Who wants to escape the hectic city life, the gray concrete-romance, the street noise and dirt, this is the place in this nature-like browser game. Uncomplicated without Village Life Download and install a game client of the trip can be started into the green. The only condition, but we know already from other games software, creating an account. Without this, the own Score can not be saved. Registration is possible, moreover, by e-mail and Facebook.

Village Life Download

An authentic village life: a plowed land from dawn to dusk

However, anyone who believes that life on the farm is a spa vacation in the countryside with birdsong, is taught in the simulation game better. Life in the countryside is a real tough job and requires the gamer from much. What the user before - was spared thanks to the absence of village life Download -an work, so he gets it twice and three times within the games. The field must first be fertilized before it can be ordered and finally harvested. In the next steps of the hatched into the role of farmers player must try to use its products for further processing to the final products to sell. By winning the court can be removed piece by piece and enlarged.

Village Life Download gameplay

A game where you start very small

The game principle is simple: The villager or farmer has to a large and well thriving farm only elaborate. On entering the village life, the user must first take care of the clover, which can be processed thanks to diligent bees to honey. In addition, the Clover can be used as feed for the cows. This in turn eventually should give a lot of milk that can be then mature into cheese. of arable purchases diligently, the crop can be obtained and cereals such as wheat in the mill to be ground.

Hard work pays well in Game

The harder the gamer is, then all the nice he can also make his village life. Sun can be transformed little by little into a magnificent estate of small farm to which the rest of the village community will look enviously. The user can create paths, new buildings reached like a greenhouse, set the main house with lanterns, shrubs and trees in the scene. The subject list is endless in the game: tractors, carriages, ships, water, statues, cute Dalmatian baby and impressive gardens - the player can really let off steam on his property.

Village Life Download Growth

Lonely it is not between cows and farmland. The game comes along with an extremely dedicated and active community. fun & hard work in village life simulation Who is looking for action or Puzzle, certainly will not find it here. Friends of simulation games where you have to enlarge his domain, are exactly right but - even if the Kingdom of cows and wheat there. Since the games requires no download of village life, a Reinschnuppern in any case should be inside.