Stykz is both a simple and convenient tool for creating stick figure animations. The freeware provides various tools for drawing the stylized objects and export the movies as QuickTime movie or an animated GIF. When you first start Stykz a plain surface with a stick figure appears. The joints of the male are provided with points for moving the limbs. Quick and easy, the user sets the figure in motion. When you draw your own figures, the objects can be provided with lines and circles. the assignment of the movements are separately Stykz for each frame. This requires a bit of tact, so that the end of the animation is not too choppy. By clicking on the play button, the user experiences his stick figures in action. The loop function ensures that the animation is not stopped at the end but is halted. The tempo can be adjusted at will. Stykz generates its own animation in flipbook style with a based lines and movement points drawing tool. An output image can often be varied at it to make funny movements.