Of the MP3-DJ Download makes PC and notebook to the headquarters for party sound. These are available two MP3 players, including music management and own charts and a whole range of practical tools.

MP3-DJ Download with pitch control, EQ and crossfader

On the hard drive stored music MP3-DJ lists clearly. Besides the usual ID3 information such as title, artist & Co. are reviews, last game date and cover shown here. Clicking songs end up in the playlist of the respective MP3 player and are now either automatically played in sequence and blended together. Alternatively, the inclined Partybeschaller puts itself on hand to stand a pitch control for changing the song tempo, equalizer and a cross fader to fade the song is available. If available, DJs hearing before the upcoming next song about a second sound card or a second sound card output through headphones.

can play MP3 DJ incidentally, MP3 and OGG files, and additional samples can with a click "discharged" or be automatically recorded at the appointed time. This is convenient as for jingles and advertising. Recordings of the entire Party Mixes created the DJ during playback with the built-in audio recorder. Duplicates automatically finds the music management, also creates M3U playlists, and also the volume of the entire music archive can align with a click. If the collection time is no longer sufficient, helps the built-in CD ripper when stocking up, WAV converted to MP3, song names automatically based Internet database. A little training required to get rock / pop DJs with the MP3 DJ a solid tool for mixing music at hand. More advanced features such as large (expensive) DJ ​​software offers, you have to give though. However one gets an automated desired music mixer for Gastro-commercial or bar.

MP3-DJ Download