webcam 7

Webcam 7 brings a number of useful tools around the PC cameras to the computer. Among other things, the freeware video signals übeträgt the Internet, brings a chat function and published screenshots of the action of the action. Here Webcam 7 controls according to the manufacturer to most available on the market Webcams, a corresponding list can be found as a link in the download area. It does not matter here whether these are connected via USB, IP address or PCI with the computer. The present here free version establishes connections to a maximum of two video sources forth and streams whose signals by means of a simulated Web server into the network. The videos can be optionally equipped with additional text or graphics as a watermark or with alpha-channel transitions. In addition Webcam 7 has the ability to control so-called pan-tilt-zoom cameras. Who uses the recorder or the screenshot function, the data thus created loads either by (S) FTP or HTTP (S) high on the server. Finally, does a time control the webcam specialists to a final round thing for serious users of various types Webcam.

Limitations of webcam 7

The freeware version connects to a maximum of two cameras